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Love This ExerciseStars
by Ginger Peachy

This game is very Zen. I play all the levels and then start over. Beautiful colors.
Cool gameStars
by CancaoDeDeus

I love this game! It starts easy but progresses through more complex levels but not at a frustrating pace. I love the fact I can skip levels and then come back if I want to try later. I even started the whole thing over. Excellent.
Love this game!Stars
by Dee215

I am addicted! I have to hide from people when the game updates because I can't be bothered until I clear all the levels. Nice way to unwind after a stressful day.
Great mind gameStars
by Kantokahsdid

I love to play this right before bed to get my mind off things... Great mind game :-)
Love it!!!Stars
by KriSk0DiSk0

The ultimate puzzle game! I cant find anything else like it. Im hooked.
Love it!Stars
by cdctx

Fun and challenging, and addicting. Can't wait for more levels!
by FransCronje

Great fun! Awesome challenge without any frustrations. Love it!
One of my all time favorites...Stars

...simple & beautiful.
Great sliding blocks variantStars
by rspoonts

This game is very appealing to puzzle fans. And I love it even more now that it has an assist for color blind people. Thanks for adding this feature!
Great gameStars
by DQE

Love this app, never tire if playing it yet it is not stressful to play.
Beautiful and FunStars
by Julesthebee

Great app - thanks for the new levels!
by Peggy59372

I love this app and have been doing the same puzzles over and over again! Thank you for finally adding more!! Keep adding!
by Navajo

It's a tongue twister for your brain.
Serious funStars
by Mary

This is the best puzzle app I have found! It was a fun and enjoyable challenge to learn how to rotate the discs to solve the puzzles. Please make more levels asap! Also more types of puzzles like this!
Excellent game Stars
by R.Edd

This is one of the few games I have on my iPhone and iPad. A "quick" game you can pick up and come back to anytime. The touch interface is excellent, and while the graphics are basic, the game itself is excellent.
Really fun!!!Stars
by Li3303

A great game! Copy the color pattern in the sample circle by turning the rings. There's one black empty space. You push the arc you want to move onto into the empty space then turn the rings to reposition it. It's like one of those number 15 puzzle games only with a circle, arcs and pretty colors.
Great gameStars
by XterryX

Really a great game I didn't think it was hard enough but I was wrong. After the first puzzle it started to drive me nuts I LOVE this game.
Arcs Puts New Spin On PuzzlingStars
by AppSmile

The game truly meets it's goal of becoming a quick and yet immersive puzzle game. Overall Pomegranate Apps really impressed us by their adaption of the tile game as well as the precision and yet simplicity of the game.
More levels please!Stars
by Boggle Fan

This is an awesome app! I am on my second run thru the puzzles and I love the simplicity and bright colors.
Arcs is a spin on the classic sliding tile puzzle game. Solve circular puzzles by rotating circles and sliding arcs! The puzzles begin with simple designs and grow more complex as the levels progress. Arcs is a highly rated puzzle game that is challenging and fun for all ages!
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